Travel Tips to Florence


The all-encompassing Renaissance art and culture of Florence makes it one of the most sought-after European travel destinations. Here are a few travel tips that will help you save and make the best of your Florence vacation –

Best Time to Travel

Plan your trip to Florence between late October to early March as it will help you save substantially on your flight tickets, museum tickets and hotel bookings.

Booking Your Stay

Despite the fact that the accommodation prices go down in Florence during the low season, it is still not too inexpensive to visit this European destination all year round. So, if you want to save by getting some great deals on your accommodation in Florence, then you must make a point to book your hotel in advance as early as possible. This will not only help your budget, but also let you reserve a stay in a centrally located place.

Places to Visit

Apart from visiting the most popular tourist destinations in Florence that will cost you ticket, you must also take out some time to visit sites where there is no entry fee, like San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale, Ponte Vecchio and Pizzale Michelangelo.

What to Eat

The biggest attraction for people visiting to Italy is food, and you have not savored the true flavors of Italy until you have relished the local eats. So, when in Florence, try out the lunchtime menus at local food joints to not just experience the true Italian flavors, but also to save money.