Toledo is hands-down one of the most magical cities in Spain. Its quaint winding streets envelop hundreds of years of historical architecture and rich cultural footprints. What makes the city especially fascinating is the intercrossing between Muslim, Jewish, and Catholic histories in the Middle Ages. As a result, Toledo has cathedrals, mosques, and historic synagogues as well as marked zones of the city where each group once resided. Simply walking through the streets of Toledo is an experience filled with beautiful views.

The cathedral in Toledo, in particular, is astonishingly stunning and is one of the three major cathedrals built in Spain in the thirteenth century. The stained glass, the monstrous size of the altar, and the baroque sculpture, the Transparente, make for a truely jaw-dropping visit to the city’s cathedral.

Another interesting part about Toledo is that the famed painter, El Greco, made a large portion of his Mannerist paintings there. As a result, quite a few of his best works remained in the city. Notably, the Burial of the Count of Orgaz, a masterpiece almost 16 feet tall, occupies a small church, and the Disrobing of Christ is another stunning work that resides in the city’s cathedral