Family Holidays

This site is dedicated to our family trip this year but also can be an inspiration for people who may be considering traveling to Spain and countries with much history close by in Europe, like France and Italy, etc.  Unfortunately, we saw that Notre Dame church was on fire during our trip.  So super sad and amazed to find out it is over 800 years old.  Glad they have pooled funds to rebuild that iconic building.

Had an amazing Spring Break trip in Spain in this year.  It was extra special since we met up with our daughter who is currently studying abroad in Salamanca this semester, plus took my son for his first trip to Spain as well.  We visited 4 cities overall and wished we could have stayed longer, of course.  Going back to work was pretty much a drag.

So here is our journey.  I tried to capture the highlights and hope you enjoy it and find it informative.