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This site is dedicated to our family trip this year but also can be an inspiration for people who may be considering traveling to Spain and countries with much history close by in Europe, like France and Italy, etc.  Unfortunately, we saw that Notre Dame church was on fire during our trip.  So super sad and amazed to find out it is over 800 years old.  Glad they have pooled funds to rebuild that iconic building.

Had an amazing Spring Break trip in Spain in this year.  It was extra special since we met up with our daughter who is currently studying abroad in Salamanca this semester, plus took my son for his first trip to Spain as well.  We visited 4 cities overall and wished we could have stayed longer, of course.  Going back to work was pretty much a drag.

So the journey started in lovely NJ, where we did the usual Long Term Parking, then bouncy shuttle bus over to Newark airport.  Getting through security wasn’t too bad and I did not need to take off my shoes and belt, which I absolutely hate doing.

The flight was totally smooth but have not been on a 7+ hour flight in a long time, so in between 5 minute naps and the attendants stopping by all time time to drop off water, soda and bad food, definitely did not help my jet lag once we landed in Madrid.

We immediately took a train to Valencia, which is on the right coast of Spain.  After a crazy long cab ride where the drive almost didn’t know where our B&B was, we finally arrived with our oversized luggage then 20 mins for the property owner to show up and let us in.  He was a good guy and spoke limited English.  I wish my Spanish was much better than the core of Gracias and Buenos Dios or Tardes and La Cuenta por favor.  The room was great and overlooked the beach and the sun was out.  Amazing overall.

My first 2 days there I took ice cold showers since we didn’t know how to turn on the hot water (which was above the sink in the kitchen).  Figured out right before we left unfortunately.

We had a lot of sleep the first day there, but the next morning walked along the beach to a seafood restaurant and had our first taste of Spanish Paella.  It was really great but I expected more seafood in it except for 4 shrimps on top.  It was a family owned restaurant though and got super packed by the time we left.  The people were really nice and kept bringing out food for us.  The rest of the day was full of sightseeing, then hit the sheets early.  There was a beach club on the coast though that was lit all night long.  The volume was so loud that as much as I would have loved to go there, it was blaring.  I also forgot that people in Spain don’t shut down till 6AM…. Yikes.

The next day was pretty chill again, but we got a chance to meet up with our daughter and had a second round of Paella at a local side street cafe.  Another wonderful thing about Europe is the sidestreet and outdoor seating.  They truly know how to enjoy every day, not just weekends.  A midday wine is pretty normal.  

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